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About us

We like climbing the highest tree from branch to branch; we can do without stairs, we use handrails; we don’t avoid puddles, we stop and jump in three times; we run all day long and don’t get tired; and we throw ourselves to the ground, to the stones, to the sand; we crumple the bedclothes into a ball at the bottom of the bed…

We are motion, we are freedom, we are fun..

We are parents; we want to see how they fall and struggle to get up; we want to experience the world from down there; to get excited by words without meaning; to crawl again, to rediscover games; to live micro adventures; to grow up with them; to understand their fears…

We are protection, we are tenderness, we are care…

We believe that it’s the little things that change the world; we seek nature in our fabrics; we produce in our surroundings; we don’t want any pesticides or enslaved hands…

We are green, we are natural, and we are responsible…


We are Racataplan.



Healthy clothing for active children

Eco-organic materials

Your turn to decide. If you still don’t see the differences, in this section we help you understand


100% Certified Fabrics.

Made in Galicia

All Racataplan items are designed and produced in rural Galicia by women who take care of every last detail in each piece.

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